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Anyone got Noah’s number?

It was a proper downpour that we awoke to . It felt like a fireman's hose had been aimed at the van. On the plus side we had only a minor water ingress in a previous area. It only showed up as a damp patch so a score for us I would say. Gordon had his record breaking speed dump and even appeared to enjoy being towled dry.

One last stroll to the quay for a little pre December Christmas shopping. Then on to a little shopping before settling of to the hidden valley near Ilfracombe. Unaventful drive of about an hour and a half with thankfully rapidly improving weather. The gale force winds we appeared to have missed so far. All the rivers we passed were in full spate.

The campsite was warm and welcoming and we plugged in,turned on the heating ,washed up,loaded the washing machine and emptied the toilet. It's nice to be attached and a chance to luxuriate in warmth and hopefully dry out a bit.

The campsite has a bar, restaurant and a river running down the center.

It also had an advertised dog walk off site so we set off and got a little misplaced. A very steep incline up the valley side.

We negotiated a barbed wire fence or two before emerging at the top too great views across the Devon countryside to the sea.

Out of nowhere we were hit by high winds and hail. Not a great combination and sent us all scurrying for the way home.

Made for a great photo though.

Unfortunately we've sustained minor damage to Gordon's carriage. So may have to locate a replacement nut to keep his wheel on which apparently is a necessity.

So as tomorrow is likely to be the best day for the foreseeable it may have to be the bus for us! Bus stop outside for Westward Ho ( apparently a real place) or Ifracombe.

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