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Apparently you can teach old dogs….

Awoke this morning to beautiful sunshine so decided to take an early morning stroll around the neighbouring nature reserve. Nice walk but very noisy would have to be a deaf animals to enjoy this!

We then decided to walk into Bognor some 2 hours walk. We had no sooner set off than the heavens opened despite us checking the weather app!

By pure happenchance we decided to bring Gordon's chariot so at least he was accommodated!

We walked along the main road taking diversion through the local park full of squirrels, and random woodwork.

No Gordon it's not a squirrel!

This was a little more disturbing. Apparently a memorial bench for a recently departed!

Bognor like most seaside towns is a contrast between the rich and the poor with drugs and alcohol playing a big part in to day to day life!

Made it too the seafront.

An Autumn day at the beach!

Walked along the seafront and on to the pier. All a little desolate but I guess we aren't here at the height of the season?

Stumbled through

A quick game of bar billiards and home.

A proper blast from the blast!

A day of rest tomorrow👻

Gordon has voted with his feet homeward bound😎

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