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Art or vandalism? Goat surprise no spoilers!

It rained very heavily last night. We had planned a long walk up into the mountains to try and find a cave etching, but decided to stay safe and go to the other main attraction. The famous blue rocks. A Belgian artist in 1984 decided to paint the rocks that the area is famous for in mainly in blue with some random colours. The debate has been wether what he did here was art or vandalism. However the locals continue to paint the stones as it's now one of the main tourist attractions.

He's done a few of these in other deserts in the world. I guess it's hard to monatise 🤷‍♀️

We stayed dry and then headed towards the coast for the last five days of R and R.

Long windy roads up down mountain passing a great land mark.

From a little further away.

At long last.

We've had goats

We've had trees

And now

Goats In trees!

Our job here is done.

The closer to the coast the bigger the roads got and busier. But we got our possibly last unfettered camel shot.

We have landed on our feet great apartment near the sea with a wonderful roof garden with sea views.

It feels like the end of the adventure and the start of the holiday.

Mind access to the pub was a little tricky.

We may take the road way back.!

Tomorrow nothing planned we will have a wander about locally enjoying the sun and views!

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