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As if by magic home again!

An early start as we had to find some way of handing the car back. The only advice so far was to give it to my friend.

We had bumped into a young couple last night from Norwich who were on the same flight. We offered them a lift as the airport was over an hour away. We saved them £40 which meant they had money for a drink. OMG they were hanging . Luckily they managed not to throw up in the car.

The saga of the car continued with very limited contact with the company. In the end we took a video of the car jammed the key into the petrol flap and left it. Lucky Mr Ishmail has not got our credit card so Ho hum.

Never been through so much security in any airport anywhere. At least four security checks including shoes and explosives wipes.

The journey home was seamless from Stanstead to Liverpool Street and a new transport mode underground to Waterloo to Basingstoke to Eastleigh. With no longer than 10 minutes wait the whole way through.

So we used bus, coach, train, taxi , minibus, car, plane , a lot of walking,ferry and camel. In our 6000 mile plus journey and the most unpleasant by far was the plane. But it took 4 hours to get back as opposed to 2 weeks. Having said that we've enjoyed all the journey with the exception of perhaps London to Paris.

And a beautiful sunset and even better darkness.

Being home has its advantages Home Tavern in Eastleigh 😎.

Tomorrow we will sort out the van and meet up with family for my Birthday celebrations.

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