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Back down to earth and recovery ❤️‍🩹

We awoke this morning a little tired and sore . Gordon has been subdued all day but we could be reading too much into this as we are both concerned that yesterday may have been a little too much for him. He has perked up a little towards the end of the day. We are feeling the effects of the descent on calves and thighs otherwise we appear to have survived the trip up and down the mountain.

This is the view of our mountain this morning which confirmed that we made the right decision yesterday.

There was a strong breeze which slowly cleared the clouds away.Completely cleared by the evening.

A long day 8-8,a full campsite. We continue to prepare for inspection from our area manager in a weeks time. So lots of titivating and fine tuning. All the TV signal was lost 5 minutes before the England game but luckily a trip had gone. So the day was saved as all the campsite rely on signal from our box.

Midges have been literally blown away. They can’t cope with any wind over 5mph.

Work tomorrow next day off Saturday.

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