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Back on track

It was a day of mixed weather. We had camped outside Cobra van fitters . We left the van with them as the replacement skylight arrived first thing. They had kindly agreed to fit us in when they could. Rae had her first appointment at the Chiropractor in Romsey. It was a little painful for her and her mobility remains severely restricted.

As such I dropped her off at daughters and my daughter and I took the dogs out for a walk in the Forest near Ashurst.

A little soggy underfoot at times. But by and large the weather was favourable. We had one downpour but it was short and sharp.

Derek had to have a bath after deciding that fox 💩 was suitable cologne.

Dropped off and picked up Rae . The van was finished and ready to pick up and we have relocated to Eastleigh.

Unfortunately it's looking unlikely that we will be able too get to Salisbury tomorrow for the funeral. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

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