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Back set up and open for business

Gordon had a face to face contact with a rabbit which left both of them a little confused. Rabbit didn't run so they just stared at each other waiting for someone to make a move. It's nice to see rabbits again as they have become a rare sight down south.

Packed up in good time and headed north. The journey was unaventful although the satnav took us a little converluted way it was very scenic.

Over the border and back to the campsite that will be home until October.

We have finally decided to put up our extension/ spare room/ lounge/guest annex.

We had not put it up before ,it was one of the inflatable tents that was supposed to take 15 minutes.

Well maybe in the future but today a little longer. But to our credit no rows!

It means that we have more room and as it's a 4 man tent we can offer very cheap holidays to friends and family. All people will need is a blow up mattress and a sleeping bag.

After a successful erection we took Gordon for a walk around the local park.

We are lucky to have these parks close by.

Shopping then back to extended base camp.

Tomorrow we are expecting rain so a train or bus trip to a nearby town is on the cards.

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