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Back to basics

Must be getting a little old as returning from the festival back to a bit of routine feels genuinely good. In the past festivals have been wedged in between working. Now we have long holidays with festivals wedged in.

The weather was nice so Rae wanted to show me a walk she had done when I was incapacitated. Only a 5 minute drive away on the outskirts of Glenrothes.

Views across Fyfe and the other way out across to Edinburgh.

The walk was about 7 miles with a mixture of woodlands.

Expanses of moorlands on the slopes of the Lomond hills.

The sun was out and there was a strong breeze which made it ideal hill walking weather. We stopped for a picnic with more great views and the beauty of it all is that you have it completely to yourself.

That's Rae getting the dogs water bottle sorted. It works really well as you squeeze the water into the top and when he finishes the residue gets drawn back into the bottle.

It's difficult to believe that there's a major town in close proximity.

An unexpected bonus on the way down the hill was a small lake with a family of Swans. The little one's seemed very small for this time of year!

Having just asked Google apparently they can be born any time from May to July which would explain their size.

We are preparing for our road trip. We will try to dismantle the tent tomorrow as the weather is set fair. This will enable us to wash it as it's covered in tree debris and bird poo. We can then lay it out to dry before packing it away.

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