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Back to Dorset

Rae had chiropractor and then took dogs out whilst I stayed at daughter's nursing my man flue. The weather continues to be very cold and it will be interesting to see how we cope on a campsite with electric hook up. It will mean we can have our oil filled radiator on all night.

We left Totton at about 3 heading towards Portesham the other side of Weymouth near Abbotsbury.

The forest was still covered in ice so I'm guessing temperatures hovered around zero all day.

It appeared a little less frosty on the journey but when we arrived temperatures were as icy as when we left.

The sunset was worth a look. But does not bode well for tomorrow.

At the time of writing we have both the gas and electric heating on in attempt to warm up and dry out the van. At one point the dogs water bowl was frozen solid and the towels were rigid.

My chest infection seems to heading the right way. Jus left with a cough and difficulty speaking.

Not sure what we will be doing tomorrow as we have to factor weather, illness and willingness.

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