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Back to life ….,

A dreadful day with rain all day. We were hoping to catch up with Gary for a walk but rain stopped that idea we have agreed to reschedule.

So instead we decided to have a look around town for stuff that we need for the Morocco trip. We ended up with a rucksack and a fleece for Rae.

Rain continued through out the day so we had to venture out with the dogs for a short walk so they could do what dogs need to do.

We only went local.

Not the nicest of days but luckily not cold.

Tomorrow the weather is set to improve so hopefully we will be able to venture further afield.

We will also start to get packed for our travels so we can ensure it's as light as possible as we will be doing a lot of walking between grabbing local and international travel!

Winds picking up and rain continues as we leave the grandkids and head back to our luxury van😱.

Back on grandkid duty tomorrow at 7 it's almost like being back at work 🫣

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