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Back to the Future

Well here we are again. We have returned to the old stomping grounds. The journey back was almost entirely in thick fog so totally underwhelming. We took a diversion and called into see my sister. The first time we had seen her since the passing of her husband. The funeral date has been set for the 15th of December.

We have a few pre Christmas family events with children and grandchildren before settling of again on the 13th for 10 days or so in a place called Potersham near Abbotsbury. Back again for a couple of days around Christmas. New Year's Eve event is booked in Southsea.

We are now starting to plan our trip northward for eventual arrival in Scotland at the start of March.

We have decided that due to events beyond our control we will skip Europe this year and start to pre plan our journeys from Scotland southward next autumn.

I think I will continue to make small even more uninteresting entries more as a diary before we recommence life on the road once more.

We've set up on the industrial site in Calmore. Baby sitting tomorrow night and a walk tomorrow during the day.

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