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Back to work and horses toenails

5 days to opening we are expecting 35 guest vehicles on the first day slightly under half full. Not sure what the score with toilets and showers is going to be. Up until now we have expected them to be closed initially. Shocking news the local pub is not going to open until the 30th😱.

Day was spent with a large pot of green paint sprucing up the site. It certainly has made a difference

Green is the predominant club colour on site.

Gordon has found an unusual treat on the evening walk as the horses opposite has the toenails trimmed its his now favourite treat🥺. Who new? Unfortunately they have a particular unpleasant smell attached.

Frost last night and tonight luckily we bought Alpine plants that can withstand freezing! Looks like we are due a spell of good weather. 😎🌈

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