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Back to work for a few days!

Very busy day site running at near capacity. Tent field is full. We are accepting food parcels for the long distance walkers. They send them along the route to avoid carrying them on there backs. Considering the weight of them I would say it was wise.

The bluebells are emerging on the banks on the site, which is a nice splash of colour. Rae continues to master the intricate office booking system.

I was out weeding pitches mowing grass and helping Simon mend pumps. The weather by and large was good. A little rain at times but a fair amount of sunshine. Midge numbers are increasing steadily Rae thinks she has detected the first midge wound!

Keeping up with the increased step count which is a bonus 😎🌈. No late nights for us at the moment as we need all the sleep we can get. 12 hour days are exhausting but we get a good balance with the days off and a chance to explore our beautiful surroundings !

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