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Backs bikes and dentists.

Rae had Spanish in the morning and chiropractor in the afternoon. I had dentists at midday. The good news is Raes back is improving and I had no problem with my teeth. Mind I've only got a few left.

Took Raes bike into see Keith at perfect balance cycles in Totton for an overhaul. He did his usual superb job and its back in tip top condition.

Rae returned to the van and Gordon and I saddled up to tour the forest.

Via the skatepark and then to Woodlands.

Gordon was resting his paw so was a passenger throughout the journey. Only getting out for refreshments.

We then swung by Ashurst and met grandson and rode home together.

The weather was good to us today and hopefully will hold for tomorrow.

Looking to ride bike to Eastleigh tomorrow to mow lawn at MIL.

Seen first bluebells of the year. They will be a couple of weeks later in Scotland.

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