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Bank holiday weekend, full up,oblivious to the chaos on the roads.

Lots of comings and goings. Routine work around the site. Late arrivals due to very heavy traffic and queues. We were thankfully completely unaware as we are nestled amongst the serene beauty and far from the madding crowd! One of our customers went on to Skye for a walk and ended up being helped by the mountain rescue team she had shattered her ankle. She was in her 80s and despite being full of morphine and having to drive 6 hours to her local hospital to be admitted,insisted on coming back to site to let us know she was leaving a day early the antithesis of a snowflake! We wished her a safe journey and a speedy recovery.

An overcast day with little breeze no rain and no adverse midge activity. We are preparing for our first official house guests arriving on Monday.Magda and family are on their way up🥳

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