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Beach days new neighbour!

Updated: May 18

We woke up to the sound of the waves. Had breakfast on the beach with Herons for company. We whiled away the morning on our luxury chairs reading and chatting to passers bye.

Hard day at the office!

Eventually we kicked ourselves into gear and walked the 8 miles to Crail along the coastal path to where we had left the car.

We passed 2 golf courses one of which we were informed was the most expensive in Scotland. We looked at the website and a round of golf with no extra's would cost around £380. With a discount if you played again within a month.

We picked the car up after the walk with sea birds a plenty along the way.

We then drove to St Andrews to use the gym and more importantly the shower, before returning to carpark where we remain tonight and remains free of charge due to a broken machine.

Tomorrow we will breakfast on the beach and then maybe walk to St Andrews and catch the bus back.

We are currently struggling with the internet so are unable to upload photos. A small price to pay for the location and the tranquility.

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