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Beautiful Boxing Day

A glorious day and very mild in the sunshine. Last night we had stayed in the house, we slept on the sofa as sleeping in someone else's bed who you know felt a little weird. Luckily it was a big comfortable sofa so we slept ok. Neither of us are used to being in a house and the warmth took a bit of getting used too.

Went over to Godshill near Fordingbridge in an attempt to find a new walk in the Forest. The app all trails is great for discovering new walks. It transpired that it was an amalgamation of several walks we had done before. Non the less it was a great 8 mile walk with some surprises on the way.

Great forest views of heathlands.

Some wildlife

Ubiquitous ponies

At times very muddy and at one stage apparently no longer funny.

The weather remained good until we reached the car and then there was a short downpour. Great timing and the perfect end to the walk.

One more night in the house and then back on the road again . We are decamping to Winchester campsite next too the planetarium for the next 4 nights. We then have an New Year's Eve event booked. We will start to plan 2023 then. Morocco is looking good for the middle of January . Rae has a couple of appointments to sort out do we won't have an exact date until they have been scheduled! Coach to Madrid runs regularly so hopefully it won't be too bigger drama 😎

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