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Beautiful day good dog news and the first use of Avon so Soft

It was supposed to be cloudy all day to day but we basked in sunshine all day. The mountains and trees are a beautiful shade of green and the ever changing landscape one again delivers a breathtaking view. Day was spent weeding, cutting down branches and mowing grass. Another 20k + steps notched up. We received good news as far as Gordon goes,phone call from the vet to say it was a fatty lump and nothing sinister, apart from the cost! He’s booked in to have more teeth out despite Rae cleaning his teeth daily.

The midges are increasing so we slathered ourselves in Avon so Soft which according to some people the SAS and marines use when on manoeuvres. Others say it no longer works as they have changed the ingredients! Well we shall wait and see as we have 6 bottles to wade through.So far so good no bites and silky soft skin to boot.

Apparently up this far north we will enjoy up to18 hours of day light. 20.30 now and still looking good.

Working tomorrow and the weather looks good. We now have to start looking at the midge forecast ! I kid you not it is a thing up here😳

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