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Behind the curtain.

A beautiful sunny day so we turned right and set off to explore the other side of the city and the beaches beyond.

Initially along the promenade and then through the medina.

As we exited the medina the contrast was astounding we left Europe and plunged into 3rd world poverty.

The desolation and rubbish was everywhere and we did not see a non Moroccan apart from us .

Rubbish was tipped onto the beaches and there we're open sewers running into the sea. The beaches were covered in broken glass and rubbish.

We pushed on through this and out the other side of the town. Where we were rewarded by more rock pools with fish this time.

As we walked away from the town two things gradually disappeared people and the rubbish. We were rewarded for our effort with the first sighting of free range camels. Huge sand dunes

Stretching into the distance and towards the sea.

The beach was endless and at this point not another person in sight.

And the other way

These are without doubt some of the most beautiful beaches I have seen. Once you get away from the pollution and rubbish. Fortunately not Many people are willing to walk the 12 or so miles to find them.

We got back to get ready for the car hire tomorrow to find out that we had lost the credit card. Fortunately someone had contacted the provider to say that they had found it and it had been cancelled. Unfortunately we may not be able too hire a car without it.

On top of this the internet stopped working so it all became a little problematic. Hopefully it's sorted.

Last night we went to a Moroccan drinking establishment,we were the only non Moroccans there and Rae was the only female. This place had no name no signs as drinking is a social taboo here. No photos to be taken and it was hidden away down an unlit alley . Hospitality was amazing they had buskers in the bar and we were embraced literally and metaphorically.

Literally by this fine gentleman.

Beer was cheap and it can get a little frisky at night but there was a big security guard on duty. One person stood up and just fell flat on his face which caused a bit of a commotion.

In tourist town beer is freely available but you don't see Moroccans drinking in them.

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