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Belated birthday present and we may 🤞have saved £11000

Wet day with a smattering of snow. The day got off to a slow start before reaching a bit of crescendo and a cliff hanger. After a lot of searching last night we believed we had most of what the council were asking for. After negotiations we agreed to take all we had in . This we did but there was one important bit missing. If we couldn't find that we would be liable for a bill if a £11000 pounds. Now that would be a little inconvenient. After a day of phone calls emails and text messages we believe that we have it. Sent it via email and have yet to receive a response. A slightly nervous evening whilst we await a response.

In between another walk in the forest with a Tit and a gatherer.

We managed to miss the worst of the weather and the forest appears to be awakening from it's winters nap.

It's a joy to walk in the forest as it's ever changing.

On the way home we stopped in Tescos and picked up my birthday present to myself. A little belated but I must really know myself. It's a Guinness nitro surge kit. Supposed to give a Guinness draught experience at home. Plot spoiler it DOES 🤡.

More unsettled weather expected.

New tenants move in Monday.

We are back on the road Sunday. Not sure how far north we will push initially depending on the snow situation.

In the meantime enjoying a house, warmth and hot water!

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