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Best made plans….

We left the campsite in Brighton a little later than scheduled after a late shower and sort out. The plan was to drop the car along the South Downs at Afriston and then drive the van to Eastbourne. This we did unfortunately when we arrived in Eastbourne contrary to the forecast the winds picked up the rain set in. We were well on our way and had climbed Beachy Head when a combination of weather, time and Raes painful hip persuaded us to retire and return to the van.

This was the view overlooking Eastbourne.

Although this was not the walk we intended we still managed 10 miles.

The walk took us over the hills and along the seafront.

All in all a pleasant day. We have found a carpark sandwiched between a resedential area and a park so hopefully it will work out.

We've been at the start and finish of the walk and have a little section to complete. Which time and weather permitting we will knock a chunk off tomorrow.

At time if writing all quiet still occasional rain showers ,we've yet to hit a cold patch which will be telling!

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