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Better than expected

The weather forecast was for rain showers on and off throughout the day. We decided that on balance probably not a day for a long walk. So we made use of our National Trust membership and headed off to Montacute House just the other side of Yeovil.

The inside of the house was a little disappointing as most of it was shut to allow for a Christmas exhibition which was underwhelming. The outside was nice with some interesting features.

They had a very interesting yew hedge which they have decided to embrace its lumps and bumps which had resulted from previous inattention.

The walk around the large grounds was interesting


Gordon enjoyed the walk whilst others embraced there inner child.

The day was much better than advertised not a drop of rain. We even had lunch outside at the cafe.

After we left we popped into Yeovil town for a look around. Not much to write home about. Food shop done and we returned to the van.

Weather not looking good for tomorrow so we are thinking about grabbing the bus for a trip out but not decided where or when as yet.

Two more nights in Dorset then home for Christmas.

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