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Better than expected

We had been expecting rain and had sort of planned the day with that in mind. Rae had her physio appointment mid afternoon and had attended the gym in the morning. Gordon and I lounged around the van while waiting for her return.

We took advantage of the weather and strolled around the riverside park in Glenrothes.

Glenrothes is celebrating its 75th anniversary from its inception just after the war. It's a soulless town with its high street totally undercover. What it lacks in its town it makes up for in its parks.

The river that runs through it has been rejuvenated by the recent rains. Our bird feeder back at base camp is attracting loads of visitors which is a cool thing.

The paths through the woods and by the river makes this a great place to walk when it's too hot. Not that that's been much of a problem recently.

Temperatures at the moment are hovering around the mid teens and still surprisingly cold at night.

We walked back under this bridge on the way back which won design awards when it was built in 1996.

It could do with a lick of paint now but still dominates the local skyline.

Tomorrow we are again expecting rain but we are planning on walking to the coast and catching the bus back . We will set off after Rae finishes her Spanish lesson.

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