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Bicycle riding

The weather forecast was again a little hit and miss but we had planned to take the bikes out and decided to go ahead. The weather held for us no rain but some very strong winds. For the first part of the ride the wind was behind us bu once we arrived at the coast we had it front on.

Not to cold and the coastal path was initially very easy going.

But soon transitioned into a bit of an obstacle course. We had to negotiate steep hills , bollards and many steps. With a ruin or two on route.

After struggling for a few miles we decided to head inland on the return journey.

We found an ancient road one that Mary Queen of Scots used when travelling between her Palaces of Falkland and St Andrews.

A beautiful route where Gordon could jump in and out of his chariot as and when required. There was an very old bridge we had to cross which dated back to before Mary that has been damaged by motorcycles so they place a huge stone to stop this, which hampered our passage somewhat.

It was a great bike ride of about 25 miles with a very varied terrain and views.

Tomorrow we are hoping to attend the 2nd oldest Highland Games in nearby Burntisland. We shall jump on a train as parking is limited. Weather is improving hourly so fingers crossed.

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