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Bike ride and a possibility of a new home!

Last night we left Gordon behind and went off into town and walked around the Christmas market. It was rammed,no sign of a recession or cost of living crisis in Exeter.

This morning the sun was once again in the sky and a very unseasonably warm day. Well mostly we had a downpour briefly on the cycle ride.

We decided to vist Exmouth a 22 mile round trip . The entire journey was along a cycle route with picturesque villages, sea and river views through out. We stopped for coffe and a 3 floor antique emporium on the way back.

Passing the marines and commandos base on the way .

Exmouth itself was a typical British seaside town with all the usual tourist attractions. Along with the rundown elements and social deprivation that run alongside.

In Exmouth we saw a collection of vans all parked together. We stopped to have a look and chatted to one of the van owners. He told us that the site was free for anyone to use and that it was a thriving community. There are toilets nearby and there's access to water. Its right on the sea front and a 5 minute walk into town . Exmouth is well connected with busses and trains. Definitely worth a thought. By rocking up to somewhere like this you would benefit from the security in numbers and it would be very cost effective!

We've loaded all the bikes and stuff in preparation for our travels tomorrow. The forecast is for heavy rain and gale force winds. Ilfracombe is about and hour a half away . Tomorrow will give us an opportunity to do washing empty toilets and plug in.

We continue to battle with condensation in the van but this is something we will have to learn to live with. It has been greatly improved by the addition of the cork ceiling.

On the plus side we have sorted the heating out. Apparently for a gas blow heater to work you need an unobstructed intake!!!

Oh and the bike appears to be behaving itself. Apart from the fact that I managed ultimate overinflate the rear wheel which resulted in it popping the tyre off. Lesson learned again, it pays to follow the instructions!

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