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Bike rides and lawnmowers

The weather was looking good so we had arranged to give Raes mum and stepdad a hand with their gardening. The grass was long and wet so needed a couple of dry days before it could be tackled.

As we have no car we decided to take the bikes and ride from Totton to Eastleigh. Rae got as far as Southampton before she decided that discretion was the better part of valour and turned back. Gordon and I powered on via Northam.

Along the Itchen River and Bittern park.

Then on to Eastleigh. I was able to give them

a hand with the garden and participated in a tip run.

Garden's looking good Dave spends a lot of time looking after it and it's a labour of love.

We set off homeward back the way we came initially.

Bittern Looking a lot different when the tide is out. Took a little diversion across Southampton common before heading through Shirley. Met up with Rae dropped the bikes off and back to the van.

On grandchildren duty tomorrow we are tasked with helping Grandson access the bus back from school in Hythe to Totton.

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