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Bikes out

The weather was changeable so we spent the morning sorting out the bikes in preparation for our first outing. This included Gordon's carriage.

We set off to explore the local area starting with one of the numerous parks.

In the background is the hill we climbed yesterday. The wind had dropped but there was the occasional heavy downpour but luckily we managed to find suitable shelter avoiding the worst of them.

The river side park took us out into the countryside via a narrow path following the river.

Not bad for a place not more than 30 minutes from base and very near the center of town.

It was a great first trip out on the bikes and has helped with the general orientation.

It's a great place to be with everything we need from Weatherspoons to wilderness in easy reach.

Rae has another Spanish lesson tomorrow. So Gordon and I will have to head off for the morning.

Looking forward too exploring further and maybe head to the coast tomorrow.

A couple of Eider ducks where we get Eiderdowns from😳

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