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Bingo, Red Squirrel

Went to Bingo last night a surprisingly stressful activity. Needless to say we didn't win but at £12.00 for the 2 of us a cheap night out. It has added another string to our bow as an alternative to sitting in the van.

Returned to the van for a brief walk around the park so Gordon could use the facilities.

Another beautiful sunset.

In the morning we headed for the Gym may have slightly overdone things but managed to get out before falling over.!

Regrouped back at the van before settling out after lunch, to explore a part of Fyfe we had not previously been to.

The forest we walked through was primarily set up for mountain biking. The slopes we walked up these guys come hurtling down. I kid you not we struggled to maintain our footing with sticks it was practically vertical.

We met a couple of these guys luckily not on the path.

Most importantly we had our first sighting of a Red Squirrel 🐿️ in Scotland. It was brief but it was the one thing that had eluded us in the almost 12 months we have spent in total in Scotland over both our stays here. Totally unexpected and all the better for it. Luckily Gordon was looking the other way.

Some more views along the way but predominantly pine forest as is the norm up this way.

A little hazy but dry and warm.

Tomorrow we are off on our separate ways in the morning before meeting up in the afternoon. I'm taking the bike out to see if I can get to the coast off road. Rae has an appointment with her physiotherapist and will be ensuring the dog is safe and sound.

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