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Birthday day out and a walk in the woods

We managed to park outside the only part of the industrial estate that was fully functional throughout the night. Lorries loading and unloading and various over noisy activities.

We got up early and headed over to granddaughters for cake making and walking in the forest.

Last nights stopover not very glamorous but cheap.

Walking in the forest was a treat and something that I certainly miss. The autumn colours are just beginning and will as always be treat.

We walked through the woods and heathland coming across a huge heard of deer but no pigs. There's a bumper crop of acorns this year which apparently happens every 2 years.

Returned home

Then took Sienna out shopping and for lunch. At 11 she's surely developing her own style.

The day ended with Pizza fo 14 and sampling the Guinness cake that she requested and she made with Rae this morning.

Off to Wales tomorrow for the next leg of the trip.

A great day and nice to reconnect with family!

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