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Bitter sweet, on the road

We left in good time and set off via Kilkaldy to fill up on diesel and LPG. We had decided to stay overnight at the Kelpies in Falkirk.

The Kelpies are surrounded by rivers and canals. This is in part is why these beautiful sculptures are set here. As they are a mythical creature of land and sea.

About 4 miles away is the Falkirk Wheel. We decided to drive there and leave the car and walk back. This will save us £10 parking overnight.

The wheel is the only one in the world and is a spectacular feet of engineering.

This had replaced a flight of 11 locks . It has now rightly become a major tourist attraction.

Bellow is it in it's at rest position.

Half way through.

The boat started at the top and is now reaching the bottom . You can pay £15 to get a boat on to the wheel and through a short tunnel and return. We decided against this. As it was much more impressive watching from below.

Left the car by the canal and walked back to the Kelpies.

We are staying next to the kelpies tonight. Looking forward too seeing them lit up when it's dark.

Tomorrow we setting off for Gretna and stopping in Locabie on the way through.

It's been strange leaving our home of the last 9 months knowing that we aren't going to be back. Although it's time and we are looking forward too seeing everyone again. Probably got a little lazy as being on site was very easy!

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