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Blue city white mountains!

Rained heavily last night but didn't stop the cockerill launching into his good morning serenade to his lady's. So hardly rested we shoved on our backpacks and trudged the nearly 5 miles to the coach station.

We nearly had a stowaway!

Apparently there are more stray cats in Morocco than people and over 3 million stray dogs. All seem healthy and well nourished as the locals look after them. There's a project going where they vaccinate and neuter the dogs and tag there ears so you know there sociable and safe!

It seems strange to locate your bus station so far from the city centre. Having said that the taxis are cheap and plentiful and if we weren't so tight we could have jumped into one of them. But on the plus side by walking you do get to see a lot more of the untouristy places. Like a lot of places we have visited outside Europe they appear to have zones where all similar businesses congregate. Like one part will be for clothes. one for shoes. and so on. It means if you're looking fo a particular thing then you know where to head. Well today we walked through the metal workshops district and the car mechanics area.

The coach was decent and we had a front seat which meant we had panoramic views as we headed inland towards the riff mountains. Surprisingly green and scenic.

There was snow on the mountains which was a surprise but although fresh it's not that cold in the town. Tonight is set to be below freezing 🥶. That's the coldest it will get hopefully. The buildings are designed to withstand the heat which means they are a little bit chilly in the winter. There are plentiful blankets but no heating.

We are staying in our first hostel and it's right in the middle of the souk or market. It's a labyrinth of tiny alleys packed with little shops selling all sorts of stuff.

That's the view from the rooftop terrace. We are here for 5 days so will have time to look around and explore the local area. So far we've managed to make it all the way from Totton to here by bus. The journey today was 3 hours and cost as much as a return ticket from Totton to Town!

The scenery is a little more interesting as well😊.

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