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Blue is the colour!

It rained heavily last night but very conveniently stopped as our noisy neighbour started his dawn serenade for his lady's. We've stayed in two places in Morocco so far both in the centre of city's and both with cockerels living next door. Today is Friday prayers and as such we have the extended call to prayer from the mosques that surround us . It's a sound I love as it confirms how far from home we are in every sense. Apparently there's a internal

debate going on with the ministry for tourism seeking to have them truncated and turned down as it's reportedly putting off some western tourists. The locals are rightly saying you can stick that where the sun don't shine. It would be a real shame if that was to happen.

We went for a walk through the blue streets.

Following the path upwards towards the start of the river.

The river starts here as it comes out of the mountain side

The city is in a bowl between two mountains and the name mean's between two homes. So we're told.

We followed the river down through the town and past where the locals continue to do there washing in it.

Unfortunately it very quickly changed from crystal clear to pretty murky in the space of less than a kilometre!

A very rickety bridge brought us back into the city.

The weather continues to be bright and sunny with temperatures ranging from just above 0 overnight to 17 or so during the day.

Today's activity was somewhat curtailed by a persistent and nagging headache but I'm hopeful that it will resolve by tomorrow.

The town is not overrun with tourists currently and we are in a minority as there appears to be vibrant hashish tourism industry with old stoners from around the world visiting. It seems a little strange to travel such distances to sit and do what you can do in the comfort of your own home🤷‍♀️ Ho hum each to there own I guess.

Tomorrow the weather looks good so we are planning on heading up the mountain which looms above us. Not sure wether we will go for the summit as that's an 8 hour plus walk. A little treacherous in places. We may see if there are any guide's available?

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