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Boat charter porpoises seals and notter an otter in sight 😏

Set off early to meet the guys from down south and set off for a two hour boat charter. Only the 6 of us on board with Dan the guide and Norman the captain. We hoped to sea seals, porpoises, dolphins, whales, sea eagles and most eagerly sea otters. Initially our hopes were high as Dan was confident of the otters cooperation as they are territorial and have been resident for many years. Unfortunately this was not the case, however we now know where they hang out so shall return to sit and wait them out!

We got to see these guys

And a porpoise in the distance.

But we got to spend 2 hours on a boat with good friends a entertaining and informative guide seeing the local sights from a different perspective.

The loch was calm and the voyage peaceful.

Not all we hoped for but a thoroughly enjoyable 2 hours of a little chilly. Off for lunch on Skye and then a stroll around a local loch.

Finally back for a fish supper. I had deep fried battered pizza!!! Nice and may go some way to explain Scotlands health inequalities 🤷‍♀️. We bade a fond farewell to Steve and his family. Hopefully we will see them before they migrate south on Friday.

We returned to pick up Gordon who had been in doggy day care. Thank you Uncle Simon and Auntie Judith 🙏.

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Lizzie Roberts
Lizzie Roberts
May 18, 2021

Deep fried pizza?! Blimey! Have you had a deep fried Mars bar yet? As always, looks and sounds amazing!

Rae Rourke
Rae Rourke
May 18, 2021
Replying to

Yep you can buy them in Totton but only try as an experiment 😻

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