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Boiler woes and Forest walks

Good news and bad news. The vans battery was sufficiently charged so we could move it back home. The leisure batteries in the van were sufficiently charged to run the heating system last night. The night was cold but we survived.

Moved the van and we returned home as the tenants had moved out. Unfortunately the boiler was not working. A few hours aimlessly fiddling with it to no avail.

We took a bit of time out to unwind back in the forest.

It's taking a bit of adjusting to far from the heat and frantic pace of Morocco.

And only one wild dog sighted. He really doesn't know how lucky he is.

He was the only untethered dog we saw. Again a massive difference.

So at home but still no heating, shower or washing machine. So near yet so far 😏.

It's strange to be back and there's no damage to the house which was an unexpected surprise.

We will be here at least until Monday. Hopefully get the boiler fixed then and back to van life.

Busy doing nothing tomorrow as we kick back and revel in 4 walls tv and a real bed!

British wildlife no camels no goats in trees just calm ponies and a green and pleasant land.

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