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Boilers and friends

A much nicer day and we had arranged to meet friends for a walk and we met up at Canada Common a large open area on the edge of the New Forest near Wellow just off the main road to Salisbury.

This was the view from the hill halfway round the walk. The ground remained wet underfoot but very manageable with care. It was good catching up with Steve and Gill as they had visited us when we were in Scotland and Steve is booked for the fringe in August this year, we will be attending as we will be spending the summer in and around Edinburgh.

We picked up granddaughter from school and are staying overnight as Mum is away. A good evening spent playing games and watching tv. It made a pleasant change to spend a day in a house cooking washing etc.

We got a call fronm the tenants renting the house letting us know that the boiler had developed a fault. So I was back and forth to the house sorting that. It was the same issue as last time when they had run out of gas the boiler needs to be reset. It was nice to be able to sort it. They are a couple from Odessa in Ukraine and they have a young child. It was humbling to hear there story as they escaped from Ukraine with there very friendly French bulldog and her very pregnant. He is a cruise ship captain, all there assets are tied up in Ukraine and their family are spread across Ukraine and Europe.

Tomorrow we are on school run and out walking with friends and then out for drinks in the evening.

Travel insurance is paid for and luggage drop offs booked for Madrid and Paris. There are apps for this like air bandb for luggage saves lumping it around town with you. A week too go and excitement is mounting!

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