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We started the journey south at around 7 am in the hope that we would miss the worst of the bank holiday traffic. The journey out of Scotland was seamless with no hold ups.

We had speakers and listened to pod casts and plays as we completed the long journey back. Took it in turns and stopped for convenience breaks eventually getting to Totton at 5.30 . The traffic by and large was ok we seemed to be heading in the right direction as there were some meaty jams on the other side.

On returning to Calmore we took a walk across the nature reserve.

Not Scotland but not bad . Along the path towards the lakes.

It was a beautiful evening and we needed the walk to de stress from the long drive.

We called around the house and there doesn't appear to be occupied at the moment. We have left a note explaining that we will need access tomorrow to empty the container if anyone is in the house.

Hopefully we will be able too empty and sort what we need tomorrow which will leave us free to catch up with people before we once again head north.

Not snow seeds drifting in the breeze!

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