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Decided to get the van checked over before we drove off on our travels. We tried to call some local garages but there were only 2 . One could not fit us in for a week or so. The other wanted to charge us £250 to come and have a look to diagnose the problem. So decided to call the AA who were out within an hour. He told us that we had a broken suspension coil on the near side front. He said we maybe able to drive it back but it would be a risk.

So after some discussion and conversation with the garage that has done work previously we decided to call the AA to transport us back.

We have certainly got value from them up n Scotland !!!!

Unfortunately not an unusual occurrence recently.

The sun was coming out as we left.

We had been looking forward to exploring the hills visible from the campsite but we will be able to return in due course.

The first relay took us to Stirling which was further than where we wanted to go. The second relay then had to take us back to where we wanted to be. In effect doubling the time and mileage necessary. Go figure? Mind you after years working fir the NHS one shouldn't be surprised!

Saw this lorry in the services which cheered me up.

Sums up the Scottish view on life. A lot more lid back than down south.

We now await the garage and hopefully we can get things sorted soon. We will probably get the cam belt done at the same time.

We seem to have had a run of things recently but, the van is 13 years old and has done nearly 90,000 miles. So apart from the wheel nearly coming off these things are about ready to be replaced.

As we keep saying better now than in a foreign country. The weather does seem marginally better than where we were so we will count our blessings. Plus we do have a car, buses and trains so are less dependent on the van apart from living obviously!

Finally we did get to save a bit of diesel on the return journey! Every cloud.....

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