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Boys day out

Rae was not feeling great and the weather was hit and miss so Gordon and I jumped in the car and set off for a new walk.

Initially it was a pleasant walk in good weather with some great views.

And even a mini castle en route.

From a promising start it very soon became almost impassable. With bracken and nettles.

I tried to make my way through the woods to avoid the undergrowth.

That proved problematic as did my decision to wear shorts. By this time I had numerous small cuts and legs that were stinging. We came to the edge of the woods an thought we were over the worst of it . Then the clouds opened and we were drenched.

I had to find emergency cover for Gordon.

You can just see his tail poking out from the rucksack cover.

Luckily the rain was short and sharp.

We crossed the road and had lunch under a random medieval sundial. Nothing else around.

From here it got a little better past a field of thistles.

We then joined the pilgrim way and as a consequence things became much easier. We entered a nature reserve.

The path was much improved for a while at least.

There was a field full of flowers apparently a cover crop that helps the soil recover. It is also great for insects and bees.

Just when I thought we were in the clear we ended up on a busy A road. It was busy and full of sharp corners.

I took the decision to cut through the field.

Apparently it was a path 🤷‍♂️

We were very pleased to finally make it to the car. We missed most of the rain and apart from soar legs we both survived.!

More unsettled weather ahead and we wait and see how Rae is feeling before and decisions are made about tomorrow.

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