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Braving the elements

Having hidden yesterday we decided to kit up and go and embrace the high winds and occasional showers.

We hadn't been to Lulworth cove or Durdle door for some time so thought it would be nice to revisit.

We parked at Lulworth and strode up the hill towards Durdle Door.

The weather was far from ideal but it blew away the cobwebs and when we reached the end it had cleared a little.

This was the beach that hit all the headlines for overcrowding during the covid crisis.

We took the more sheltered route as Gordon was not impressed by the wind and the rain.

We walked through Lulworth and had a look at the cove before having lunch in a cafe.

At times we doubted our decision but it was preferable to lazing around in the van although there maybe one dissenting voice from our party!

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be a little better. If so we would will look at a more local walk!

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