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Bring me sunshine.

We had decided to pop to Morcambe mainly to see the statue. We had also checked the tide times and hoped the tide would be out in the bay.

We found the statute.....

The tide was in it was raining and the town was uber run down. We decided to cut our loses and drive to Lancaster.

We initially had a walk along the Canal with the dog before walking along the river.

Passing the millennium bridge

Before stumbling across Lancaster Castle. This is owned by the Duke of Lancaster who was the Queen and is now the King. One of the oldest castles in England dating back to the 10 th century with added bits as the years went by.

It had been a prison up until 2011 and had a long history of incarceration and executions.

This is B wing used for many a TV and film

This is the female section.

And one of the cells. They only got toilets installed back in the 80s.

There was a whole section of the castle we weren't allowed to take pictures in because it's still an active courthouse.

It was very interesting and Lancaster is a beautiful old town. Well worth a visit unlike it's rather shabby down on its luck neighbour Morcambe.

Below is the view from the motorway service station. Probably the best so far.

Tomorrow we are going to head into the Souuthern lakes too have a look around.

Although the town of Morcambe was disappointing it was more than made up for with my encounter with Eric. Definitely a very fond memory from my youth!

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