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Bunkers Beaches and Caves

The weather was not looking great so we decided to pay a visit to Scotlands Secret Bunker a nuclear shelter built during the Cold War and would have been the Scottish government HQ had it all gone wrong.

The place was right in the middle of nowhere and from outside looks like a normal house.

Underneath here,under 15 meters of concrete were two levels of living and working quarters.

The entrance.

Control room


Broadcast rooms where all communications to the public would be made.

Mess hall

Chappell,mind I guess your faith would be tested if the world had been destroyed?

There were 2500 telephone lines into the building so they had to be managed.

In latter years the radar room was added.

It was sobering to think how close we had all come to disaster and sad that we seemed to have learned nothing.

It was really interesting with films showing how it would have operated and how cold blooded decisions were to be made in an event of a nuclear war.

This is where the first minister would have lived and worked if needed.

We left and started to head back and got a little lost so stopped by the beach and the weather seemed to be holding up so we walked the path to find signs directing us to some caves.

The monks of yesteryear used to hang out in and around them.

Now a place for parties and the like.

some interesting shapes


Then back to the car.

We had heard about a multi award winning fish and chip shop In Anstruther which was luckily on the way home so we stopped for something to eat. It was exceptionally good. Well worth the drive and then home.

Tomorrow the weather looks like it's getting better so we wait to see what it brings before we decide on tomorrow's activities!

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