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Burntisland fare dodging

We had a rain free day with strong winds and clouds so in essence a Goldilocks day for Gordon. We jumped on the train to Burntisland ( not an island and not burnt)

I made the mistake of buying tickets for return from Kilkaldy not Burntisland which meant we got a free ride but just for 2 stations.

Unfortunately the tide was up so we had to take the diversion inland which entailed a bit of road and pavement. Last time we walked this route the tide was out and it goes a long way out. What we have learned is check time of tides!

We did get to walk along the coast for most of the walk and once again encountered a seal perching precariously on a rock.

There has been a load of jellyfish washed up on the shore. Warnings have been issued as regards the possibility of being stung by them , even though they are stranded.

After approximately 8 miles we arrived in Kilkaldy and we will be able too legitimately jumped on the train for the return journey.

We raided the charity shops and are off to grab something to eat and a drink or two before we head off!

Tomorrow rain is due to return. However given the high winds it may blow over quickly. So a little fluid!

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