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Bus out walk back.

It was forecast as the best day of our stay so we had decided to make the most of it by catching the bus some 12 miles away from the site and walking back . The path followed for the most part the section of the wall we had not explored.

The first part ran adjacent to the military road and consisted mainly of the embankments with little evidence of the wall.

We then walked up a hill and the best preserved Roman Fortress was in front of us.

Luckily it was jointly owned by the National Trust and English Heritage and we are members of the National Trust so got in for free. Otherwise it would have been £24.00 .

Interesting but definitely not worth £24.00

We continued along the wall which at times became very steep with downs to match. It took a toll on our stamina and knees. Luckily we took our hiking sticks with us which are very helpful in stabilising and assisting.

Towards the end of the walk we approached the loch from below the day before we had been up on the escarpment.

We arrived in the Twice Brewed Pub and Brewing House. Sampling one of there offerings a dark lager. Interesting but probably not an essential tipple. A well earned rest and a great finish to a 13 mile walk.

After leaving the pub we cut across the field's back to the campsite.

Found out why the sycamore tree gap is so iconic. It apparently featured in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.🤷‍♂️

Tomorrow we pack up once again and begin our journey back to Scotland. We are anticipating a 3 hour journey if all goes well.

Newborns 😎

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