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Bus ride to Ilfracombe

We have effected a repair on Gordon's carriage but it needs a day for it to set. So decided to catch the bus from outside the campsite to Ilfracombe. It's about a 20 minute bus ride and the buses are frequent and reasonably cheap.

Ilfracombe is like every other British seaside town in the winter desolate, run down but with a certain charm.

The beach such as it is was being pounded by the sea.

Gordon needed a little reassurance.

And a warming cuddle.

We took a circular walk around and through Ilfracombe. Up over the surrounding hills.

Along a precarious and steep coastal path with dramatic drops on to the rocks below.

The views were worth it and by an large we managed to dodge the odd rain shower.

We then dropped back in to the town and walked around the harbour where there's a statue by Damian Hirst entitled Verity. Loaned to the town for 20 years.

Very impressive.

The sea was whipping up impressively and I got drenched [ much to Raes amusement] whilst trying to get this picture.

Well at least it cheered her up.

Tomorrow depending on the repairs and the weather we will either get the bus or take the bikes out. The Tarka trail starts in Barnstable and may be worth a look as it's one of the longest purpose built off road cycle tracks in the uk.

A very enjoyable and beautiful day out!

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