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Bye bye beach

The weather was a little hit and miss but we decided to chance it and headed off to one of our favourite beaches. Tentsmuir is a mix of sand dunes forest and extraordinary beaches.

Initially along the sand dunes luckily with our rain resistant clothes.

As they say leave only footprints

The sun came out and warmed our backs as we walked along the beach. Even the dog seemed to be enjoying himself!

It really is a beautiful place with birds, seals and the possibility of Dolphins and whales.

As forcast it was a day of sunshine and showers. Luckily we missed most of the rain.

We walked about 6miles and we didn't see anyone. If this beach was down south it would be ramned. The seals are in the other direction. This was the first time we turned right rather than left. Still beautiful!

We shall miss this place. It's so beautiful and isolated yet for £2 you can experience everything from red squirrels to seals and not be bothered by humans!

Tomorrow we are heading to Arbroath as there's supposed to be some beautiful cliff walking. We are expecting gale force winds so it should be exciting. Plus they do some good smoked fish 🤷‍♂️

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