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Cadiz by train!

Got up in good time and made the 2 mile walk to the station with the dog in his carriage. Train journey was seem less. Nobody raised eyebrow at him being on the train. We are now much more confident when accessing the rail network.

The train station is bang smack in the middle of the city.

Cadiz is stunning no doubt helped by the beautiful day. I'm guessing it won't look as good in the rain!

That's the cathedral the must see which we didn't.

Walked along the sea front towards the port and out along the causeway which extends about a mile into the sea with old fortifications at the end.

The parks that follow the shore are beautiful and offered welcome shade from the afternoon heat.

This part of Cadiz was comparatively quiet as it was a fair walk from where the cruise ships dock.

This is apparently a fiscus tree it is immense!

This old boy's statue appears to have had enough of standing on the plynth and is making his escape!

We walked back through the old town had a tapas lunch and a coffee.

Walked back past the cathedral and spent an hour or so basking in the afternoon sun.

We are waiting for the sun to set so we can admire the Christmas lights. Spanish towns come alive at night.

Cadiz exceeded all our expectations. Grand , beautiful and surprising small with a fantastic atmosphere! We will definitely return. We have booked a car for 8 days in early January. Pick up and drop off are in Cadiz by the station.. So when we drop it off at 11.00 it will give us the day to see some more of this beautiful city.

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve and we tickets for a party met a few others who are going so fingers crossed it should be fun 🤩

We watched the sun set over the sea .

Then back through the town to the train station .

The train was packed but managed to get us all seated.

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