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Calmer and hotter

Updated: Jan 25

Last night was a strange experience very noisy initially but eased as we approached midnight. Not bad noise but families and people settling down. The house we are in is a typical Moroccan house. Very thin and tall with one room on 3 levels. There's a lovely rooftop space which is a wonderful sun trap. Today I had to retreat as it was to hot for me.

We managed to get to an Orange phone shop and bought a data SIM card . The guy in the shop spoke perfect English luckily and I think we have it sorted.

However the internet acces is still difficult and using it remains a bit hit and miss.

We went for a walk around town the weather is gorgeous the town itself is not that special and we will be ready to leave day after tomorrow.

We've booked the next stage of the journey to the blue city approximately 2.5 miles away . We are staying there for 5 days in a hostel. Its famous for its laidback vibe and was a favourite back in the day for the hippies.

So far what's struck us in regards to Tangier is that the people are pleasant and we haven't been hasseled or bothered. There are cats everywhere all apparently strays, stray dogs as well but it's clean and seems safe. I guess it's a good introduction to Morocco but not a place to base a 2 week holiday in.

Tomorrow the weather remains good so we will go a wandering . It's nice to have a bit of downtime and we are very much looking forward to the next stage.

We are in the middle of the city are nights are accompanied by fighting cats the morning is announced by a cockerel who carried on with his clarion call until his voice failed him!

Unfortunately the internet is not working properly so I'm unable to post any pictures at the moment.

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