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Camping in the woods and a train journey

The weather was forecast as rain and showers with rain in the ascendancy as such we took the train into Weymouth for a day of meandering and a visit to a fort and nuclear bunker.

The weather was as predicted with some very heavy downpours.

The beach was initially beautiful.

We walked up toward the breakwater and the the heavens opened.

We made a hasty retreat driven by wind and rain to Nothe Fort. I had been previously with the grandkids and Rae wanted to visit. Fortunately if you buy an entrance ticket once you get free entry for a year. It's a remarkable place spanning the Napoleonic wars to world wars and finally the Cold War with nuclear bunker.

With great views across the harbour to Portland.

Inside is worth a visit.

Tunnels spread underground. Into nuclear bunkers.

We then walked into Weymouth via a pub or two before a last walk on the beach before catching a train home!

Still experiencing problems with the app but hopefully gives a flavour of our day.

It's really strange as we keep expecting our holiday to end as ordinarily we have 2 weeks and then back to ordinary life.

Tomorrow we be are off to Bridport via grandmas grave armed with flowers a brush and bulbs!!

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