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Canada common for a catch up!

The cork insulation we put on yesterday remains in place with a few bulges and saggy bits. A little bit of re glueing and fingers crossed. On a positve note at least there was no water dripping from the ceiling.

A night in the van cork included.

After we used the left over cork to line the cupboards to elevate the dampness . We shot off to meet friends for a walk at Canada common where we became reacquainted with the animals that are left out on the forest

Then this specimen.


Made Gordon look slim. It's always nice to see the pigs out and about. They are only about for a brief period in the Autumn to help hoover up the acorns.

It was a pleasant warm afternoon in good company.

Tomorrow I'm off with Grandson to a museum and Rae is off with granddaughter ice skating. An early start as we are leaving at 7.30. It will be strange to wake up to the alarm!

Oh today we received our tax bill a bit of a shocker but at least we know what we have to pay😳.

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