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Canyons cuckoos and skulls!

Morning was spent doing a final clean of the shower block prior to opening tomorrow. Approximately 35 arrivals which is nearly half capacity. As it’s first day people can arrive at any time from 8-8, our first arrival is expected at 8 in the morning so an early start! A beautiful sunny day heard the first cuckoo spring appears to have sprung. This was confirmed when out walking we came across the first tadpoles.

Headed off on bikes to local river/canyon. 10 minutes by bike and beautiful!

The water was crystal clear and the rock formations incredible!

The pools were deep enough to swim in and we are planning on walking up inside it come the summer. A day out to look forward too!

Off for a walk on the path to Loch Ness.

Remnants of snow on the mountains the last vestiges of winter. We are in a purple patch no tourists beautiful weather and best of all no midges!

We then road our bikes up the mountain and stumbled across this macabre collection.

Truly the circle of life! Early to bed a busy day ahead where we get to do what we came here to do!

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